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 07/07/2010 Emulator homepage moved to a new place - z80.emu-russia.net

 04/07/2010 Start working on a windows version of Z80Stealth. Release should be expected in a couple of months. (btw – my Email has changed).

  25/12/2001   Bugfix version of Z80Stealth released!
  2/11/2001  'General Sound roxx the emuscene!'
   22/04/2001  Bugfix version of Z80Stealth released!
     6/04/2001  New version of Z80Stealth released! First emu with General Sound playing!
   20/02/2001  New version of Z80Stealth released!
   14/01/2001  Wow! Another small update release happened ;) - v0.406
   31/12/2000  Another small bugfix release ;) - v0.402.
   26/12/2000  Small bugfix release - v0.401.
   25/12/2000  New version of Z80Stealth released! Have a great Christmas and New Year!
   12/12/2000  Uploaded few diskmagz: Black Crow 4, Ultimathum, ZX-Format N6,7, IzhNews 01-0B.
   New  version of Z80Stealth will be released soon.
   20/10/2000  Today Z80Steath's homepage has moved to http://z80stealth.emuunlim.com!
   Added new section  - download games diskmagz demoz and other stuff 

                 What's new in v0.503 :

 - New   : For users of old nonMMX CPUs: Gigascreen & Flascolor  work in video modes 0 & 1.
 - New   : Z80 snapshot format enhanced so it now stores all info about Russian clones (Pentagon,Scorpion,KAY,Profi),
              General Sound cpu&memory info, hi-res video modes.
              This is now a default snapshot format for saving.
 - New   : Hardware multicolor emulation. Use Ctrl-F7 to activate it. Thanx to Nuts for techinfo.
 - New   : ISA bus overclock for VIA chipsets. May really help if you have troubles with ESS sound modes 32 & 64.
                    in cfg: ISA_TURBO=YES|NO
 - Bugfix: found workaround for ATI Radeon cards to initialize VESA modes without long pause
 - Bugfix: fixed bug which cased big slowdown on various SB & WSS clones

                 What's new in v0.500 :

 - New   : low-level emulation of General Sound! General Sound  is an add-on board for hardware MOD
   and sound FXs playing.
   Powered by Z80 cpu at 12Mhz it has 4 audio channels  (8bit for data + 6bits for volume for each channel),
   128 or  512Kb of memory,32Kb ROM. Apart from playing audio its cpu can  be used for other tasks
   (code can be uploaded to GS & executed).
  4 switches in cfg:
  GS=YES|NO - YES to allow General Sound emulation
  GSMEM=128|512|1024|2048 - choose how much RAM General Sound has
  GSHLE=YES|NO - choose NO for low-level GS emulation (requires
          fast CPU - P300+)
  GSRESET=YES|NO - F12 resets GS with Speccy
 - New   : Debugger for General Sound (use End key)
 - New   : Procedures reading&analyzing config files was rewritten.
  If you have any problems with cfg files - simply try the ones  which come with z80s_500.zip
 - New   : Digital sound buffer for AY-LPT!!! (Doesnt work correctly under Winsuxx at freq>1000 Hz).
   There are lot of new options in cfg-file, be careful!
  REAL_AY=YES|NO - use real AY instead of internal emulation;
  AY_DATA=0-FFFF - address of real AY data port
     AY_RESET_SIGNAL=00000000 - binary form of AY RESET signal
  AY_RESET_MASK=00000100 - binary mask of RESET (bit 2 for LPT AY)
  DIGITAL_SOUND_BUFFER=YES - Enable Digital sound buffer
            Find more info about the real AY in cfg file!
 - New :  Added 8 new timing schemes for VMODE=253 (first test)


 VFREQ  (Hz)



















 - New   : Rewrote all procedures working with memory. This version uses memory much more efficiently than previous
   as a result  emulator loads really fast on 16megs PCs.
 - New   : Ability to step over opcodes in debugger. Use F8.
 - New   : Built-in boot for any TRDOS disk. Use PageUp key.
 - New   : Support for VOC and WAV (with images of tape) files added.  To start playing them use Home key.
 - New   : New submenu 'Browse tape' (in F1 menu). Used to browse tape files, choose start point of playback.
   Currently works for VOC/WAV.
 - New   : Added a little trick to produce PSG files w/o loggin writes to FE/FF AY regs (Stellar Count demo)
 - New   : Rewrote some parts of Z80 core - should be a bit faster now
 - Bugfix: fixed stupid bug in TAP loading routines - a lot of TAPs are working correctly now.
 - Bugfix: ZASM 3.10 reported that no disk is inserted
 - Bugfix: fixed bug with long file names & browser

                 What's new in v0.452 :
 - New   : Ability to synch with video (synch with vertical retrace)
   in no sound mode. Smooth video output but emu's speed depends on
   vertical retrace frequency.
  SB0SYNC=VIDEO in cfg
 - New   : General Sound works in dummy mode if no sound mode selected
 - Bugfix: fixed bug in MOD player, now General Sound plays if SB_OUT=1

                 What's new in v0.450 :
 - New   : !Wow! General Sound now plays!  Currently MOD playing is emulated.
   Big thanx goes to Hacker KAY for MOD player.
 - New   : Scorpion ProfROM emulation. Support for 128K,256K and 512K ProfROM.
   new switch in cfg:
   PROF512=1|2 choose which 256K bank to use if 512K ProfROM is used
   Note that emulator will autodetect which rom is in scorpion.rom
   file - as a result you can easily use any ROM you want -
   non-ProfROM,ProfROM of any size&version.
 - New   : Debugger. Z80,Disasm,Assembler,Stack,Memory Dump, Memory map,Ports
   Activate by pressing Delete key.
   Read more about it in *Usage* section
 - New   : Rewrote kempston mouse emulation again ;)
   updated switches in cfg:
   M_SENSITX=n n=0..7
    M_SENSITY=n n=0..7
   n means mouse sensitivity. 7 is max sensitivity
 - Emulation of 512K or 1024K memory expansion for Scorpion
   new switch in cfg:
 - Emulation of 16K RAMDISK for Pentagon.
   RAMDISK is controlled by D6 #EFF7
   Thnx to Eugene Palenock for info
 - New   : Ability to turn off multitasking then running under Windows. This gives more speed and removes sound
   glitches if you have slow machine.
   new switch in cfg:
 - New   : HDD emulation using image file. Very buggy at the moment,  but dont worry, this should be fixed in
   following   version.
   new switches in cfg:
          HDDFILE="dump.hdd" - name of HDD image file
          REALHDD=YES|NO - choose yes if you want to use image file
   following switches are needed only if using HDD image:
 - New   : Saving GIGASCREEN screenshots to GSC format
 - New   : New 320x200 video mode (VMODE=253 in cfg). It's faster than any other 320x200 mode + has proportions like
   320x240 mode but may be not compatible with all videocards. Best choice if you have slow CPU or outdated videocard.
 - Bugfix: Small bugfix in AY/YM emulation by Hacker KAY.
 - Bugfix: If you have problems with keyboard (it freezes) try
   this new switch in cfg: SLOWKEYS=YES|NO
 - Bugfix: fixed Ctrl-Break crashes in menus.
 - Bugfix: fixed bug then saving EPSG in turbo mode.
 - Bugfix: fixed few potential problems if running under Win2000

                 What's new in v0.410 :
 - New : KAY1024 emulation improved
 - New : Support for real HDD from KAY1024 added!
   Read more about this in z80s_faq
 - Bugfix: Hopefully fixed all problems if 16 megs of ram is present

                 What's new in v0.406 :
 - New  : Emulation of Profi hi-res video mode (512x240)
 - New  : Added CP/M switch for Profi - Ctrl-F11
 - Bugfix: Fixed mouse procedures - now everything is OK with sensetivity hopefully
 - Bugfix: Forced palette initialization after video mode changes
 - Bugfix: No need to change video mode for hi-res emulation if VMODE=13 or 14
 - Bugfix: Fixed minor bug in 512x192 b&w emulation.
 - Bugfix: Fixed minor bug in screenshot saving procedure.

                 What's new in v0.402 :

 - Bugfix: 2 Fixes for 512x192 b&w: it looked dark if MMX was used  + BMP now can be saved correctly.
 - Bugfix: Fixed reading hex values from cfg.

                 What's new in v0.401 :
 - New   : FAQ in russian translated by Hacker KAY
 - Bugfix : Fixed problem with joystick emulation via cursor keys  not working properly
                if Num Lock was turned on before emu start

                 What's new in v0.400 :
 - New   : z80s.cfg now redirects to actual config file.  Dont forget to edit cfg file before using emu!
 - New   : Scorpion ZS 256 emulation! Big thanx goes to Hacker KAY  for his help.
    select it by MODEL=SCORP in cfg
 - New   : KAY1024 emulation (far from perfect for now)  select it by MODEL=KAY in cfg
 - New   : New sound mode for ESS688 compatible cards:
   !!114Khz 16 bit stereo!!
   This mode adds HQ AY and Beeper emulation.  It can be selected with SB_OUT=64 in cfg
 - New   : Solved problem with ESS cards not working  at 88,114Khz under certain hardware configurations.
   If you have ESS688 or compatible card and it refuses   to work properly with sound modes 32 & 64 try these switches
   in cfg:
         DMA_TURBO=YES|NO   - Try YES if you have Intel,VIA,AMD or OPTi chipset
         DMA_4XTURBO=YES|NO - Try YES if you have VIA chipset  and DMA_TURBO doesnt help
 - New   : Ability to avoid setting volumes (VOL_MAST,VOL_DAC etc)
    USE_MIXER=YES|NO switch in cfg
 - New   : Cursor,Sinclair 1,Sinclair 2 joysticks emulation.
    You can select default type of joystick by JOYTYPE=n  in cfg. Later you can change it in snapshot menu by  F4.
    Also type of joystick auto changes after z80 snapshot loading.
 - New   : Keyboard LEDs now used :
   Scroll Lock: Turbo on/off  (Z80 clocked at 2x-4x(7-14Mhz) / 1x(3.5Mhz) )
   Caps Lock : Cursor keys+Ctrl are used for joytick emulation (on) or for keyboard (off)
   Num lock   : Flash-color on/off
 - New   : MAGIC and NMI buttons emulation.
        F4 - Magic button, in Scorpion ZS 256 mode - Shadow service monitor
        F5 - NMI
        Alt-F5 - map CACHE to ROM & NMI
 - New   : Reset to TRDOS - simply press Ctrl-F12.
 - New   : New video mode (254 - 320x200 VGA) for very old ISA  video cards which only support 16bit (word) transfer.
 - New   : Cache (Shadow RAM) emulation.
   Currently for Pentagon mode only.
   Supported types of cache size: 2,4,8,16,32K
   2 switches in cfg:
 - New   : 'dummy' General Sound emulation. Games designed for this  device have no sound yet, but they're working!
 - New   : Kondratiev's scheme emulation (Hayes modem with Speccy!).
   Of couse you need modem in your PC to use this ;)
   4 switches in cfg:
   UART_BUF=YES|NO - in most cases you should select YES
 - New   : CMOS emulation (Gluck's scheme).CMOS=YES|NO option in cfg
 - New   : 512 x 192 bw screen mode emulation. Available if you use VESA video mode (VMODE=n in cfg)
 - New   : GIGASCREEN emulation. F7 turns it on/off. Available   if you use video mode w/o scanlines and requires MMX.
   Two switches in cfg:
   GIGASCR_GAMMA=n (n=1..100) - adjust color mixing
   EFF7_GIGASCR=YES|NO - enable hardware control of
   GIGASCREEN by D4 of EFF7 port.
 - New   : FLASH-color emulation. Alt-F7 turns it on/off. Available  if you use video mode w/o scanlines and requires MMX.
 - New   : Turbo switch emulation.
   Use F6 to turn on/off turbo.
   TURBO=2|3|4 switch in cfg (selects 2X 3X or 4X turbo)
 - New   : Beta 128 disk interface emulation.  This means now you can use TRDOS in ZX Spectrum 128 mode.
   BETA128=YES|NO in .cfg
 - New   : VSYNC for VESA modes.
   VSYNC=YES|NO in cfg
   It doesnt't slow down emu so I recommend set this on.
   Read about problems with VSYNC & 3dfx cards in FAQ.
 - New : Emulator now ask if you want to save disk before  exit or disk change.
 - New   : Optional exit confirmation.
 - New   : If runtime error happens emulator can save current state to CRASH.SNA snapshot.
 - New   : EPSG format updated - read about it in z80s.faq
 - Bugfix: hopefully fixed that 'Page fault in RMCB' under plain DOS.
 - Bugfix: 'Cant load trdos.rom' bug fixed.
 - Bugfix: various fixes for saving screenshots procedures.
 - Bugfix: a pile of other small bugfixes

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